Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year is coming

New Year is coming and we are celebrating our 4th year anniversary. I went out buying annvsry present for my husband with Shakira at BSC. Not much I can find at BSC. Actually I tried to find pen for him tapi tak jumpa. Finally I bought watch casing for him. I bought roses and daisies to decorate our dining table. I bought stirloin for dinner tonight . I prefer to celebrate new year and our anniversary at home as it will be very hassle out there. Well everybody will be partying tonite.

1. Wish you all a Happy New Year.

2. To Me and my Husband, Happy Anniversary.

3.To Nora Aida Nurni Happy Birthday .

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Barney, Barney

Last we bought a cd for my daughter Shakira, she chosed Barney Dino, Dancing Tunes. Sampai je rumah terus play the cd, habis je play again, finished, replay. Oh my God last nite je 5 times it plays the same cd until she fell asleep. This morning, the first thing she did after she woke up is replay the barney cd. Until now it's been the 3rd round . Boring nya...Barney, Barney. but for my lovely daughter I will let her do what she wants as next week the life will be back to normal. Only see her during weekend. I love you my lovely Shakira Jenna

Rumah ku Dah Bersih

alhamdulillah setelah sekian lama waiting for Yanti the cleaner to come, finally I managed to asked her to clean my house today. It doesn't mean if she didn't come my house tak bersih tapi dah tak larat nak bersih rumah hari-hari, mana nak cuci baju, jemur baju, lipat baju, sapu sampah, masak, cuci dapur, cuci tandas buang sampah (that's my routine everyday). Kalau working days tak larat nak buat semua, mana yang mampu je tapi it will not up to my satisfaction. Well, mana ada orang balik kerja suka tengok rumah bersepah, sampah penuhkan?. So this time bila yanti datang, bolehlah dia bersihkan part yang berat-berat. Before, pernah panggil orang lain but she's still the best setakat ni.

Hope my husband will be happy as the house now very clean and smells good too. jadi penat dia tak lah terasa sangat bila sampai rumah. I always did this when he's not around just to suprise him with a welcome environment. Last time when he outstationed I welcomed him with the smells of lily just to resfresh his tiredness.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Sweet Not too Sweet Dream

Last nite I mimpi I danced with somebody which I never met. Wierd.... kenapalah aku mimpi dancing dengan orang yang tak pernah jumpa? The best part was I was really earger, enthusiast in dancing and hoping to win the competition.. ala...ala.. sehati berdansa. I was practice dance and dance and my ustazah when I was in primary scholl also giving me full support to win the competition... unfortunately, tak sampai hujung cerita I dah terjaga, dan sedar-sedar I was beside my sleeping husband in a sofa, and the astro channel discovery ke national geography yang tengah tunjuk a lady menang pertandingan menari... I'm not too sure what story all about tapi yang pasti the lady menang dancing competition. Tanpa membuang masa, terus sambung tidur di bilik Shakira.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Maal Hijrah

This picture I got when I read about galaxies in wikipedia. I was so proud that during my reading I found that they recognize muslims scientist. abdul Rahman Al sufi antara tokoh yang terawal merekodkan tentang andomeda galaxy. Tapi gambar di atas ialah gambar anteana galaxy. semua ini adalah ciptaan Allah yang maha Esa tapi masih ada lagi yang bongkak yang tidak mengaku akan kebesaranNya. Masih ada lagi manusia yang lebih mengagungkan kemodenan mat saleh kononya kalau tak mengikut perkembangan semasa kita yang akan ketinggalan. Ilmu dan pengalaman yang mereka kumpul di negara mat saleh yang paling panjang pun 3 tahun kononya dapat membawa kejayaan dalam hidup tanpa perlu melakukan tugas mereka sebagai muslim. life practice as a muslim is said not practical with the current situation and unable to push them forward to be more success in life kata orang-orang yang bonkak.
Kalau tak campur orang, not socially drink, can't speak English katanya tak boleh maju. Namun hakikatnya mereka ini yang double standard dan kurang berjaya sebabnya this group of people, they like to look down on other people's capability, errogant, untidy, dan tak pandai bersosial. Sebnarnya Islam banyak ajar kita lebih bersosial contohnya, amalan kenduri, masa kendurilah kita jemput satu kampung termasuk orang baru pindah, with this way they will get to know each other. Orang bandar sekarang jarang yang mengamalkan ini, sebab tu ramai orang bandar yang selalu jadi kera sumbang sebab tak pandai nak bergaul dan bersosial sedangkan orang kampung easily can get along with anybody at any place. Oklah.. cukuplah rasanya komen hidup saya hari ini. Next time with different topic, Insyaallah.
Alhamdulillah kita semua dapat menyambut tahun baru. This morning my mother in law dah sms kat kami that today is the day that we should have practised doa selamat tinggal tahun hijrah yang lepas dan selepas solat maghrib baca doa tahun baru.

I wish that this new hijrah year will be the new good changes to me, husband, daughter and our life as a whole. I hope that Allah will forgiven all the sinful we did in the previous year dan bukakan hati kami untuk lembaran baru yang lebih mencintaiNya, yang menghargai pemberianNya dan mangakuri segala suruhanNya.

We wish all Muslim, Selamat menyambut Maal Hijrah,

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Diet oh Diet.......

Every weekend I will lost my diet balance. Well, during weekend we spend more time with family, gathering, kenduri kahwin and so on. The same goes to me, last nite we went jalan-jalan at One Utama the very first thing annoyed me was looking for a parking. Luckily not so bad we found parking near to main entrance but like normal my husband was always got the long way. At first we planned to have a lite dinner like korean or japannese so that I can have a kindda misuo soup and finally we had dinner at my husband's favourite restaurant TGIF. Hardly to find something lite, i had parmesan chicken quisadella even though the rest was tempting too. But this time I managed to controlled my appetite.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Cuti Panjang - Part 4

Today is Saturday. I prepared a normal breakfast for my husband, two toasts, 3 fried eggs and baked beans. Shakira's breakfast was so simple, a bottle of milk and chipsmore biscuits. For me, a glass of yogurt drink with herbalife.

Watching PHD and updating my blog. Afternoon, not to sure, maybe :
1. Joint Shakira and daddy for swimming
2. Prepare lunch
3. Watching T.V
4. Cook something new

I like to try something in ccoking. Perhaps today we can try sausage salad :
Ingredients :
1. Sausage
2. 2 hardboil eggs
3. Olive oil
4. Some apple vinegar
5. Onion
6. Capsicum

Pan fry the sausages and then sliced, peel the eggs and sliced. Sliced the capsicum, onion. Mix all with some olive oil, apple vinegar, a bit salt and black pepper. Mix well and served.

Shirley Temple ; Shakira

I'm watching Shirley temple on yutube singing called .... on a good ship lollipop", she looks like Shakira, the hair, the chubby cheeks and the naughty character she has.. really the same. If Shakira can sing she'll be like her.

Cuti Panjang -Part 3

We went out for groceries shopping at our nearby supermarket. Whereelse if not Cold Storage. My daughter tonight a bit active and uncontrolled, however, managed to asked her go to BATA to buy her a new sandal before we shopped for groceries. She got cranky, wanted to get into a toy car stroller. Ehm... seems wanted to scream tapi kena control nanti people get annoyed with us. Finally, managed to get her cool down a bit by let her grabed anything that she wanted from the rack.

That's the normal scenario now when you have a big baby. We then when to Cineleisure for dinner and not for movie. Well, just don't want to miss the discount from the gift voucher we got from the previous lunch at Tony Roma. We had a full rack of rib, kickin' shrimp and Apple criple A la Mode. The kickin' shrimp much more valuable from the shrimp coctail we had at TGIF, the rib was simple but temping. The taste, was good too. The Apple crumble can make you lost you diet concious. Da....wait...wait I must get back to the track.... .

On the way back I've plan that tomorrow I should have started my sit up 30 times, push up 30 times, breakfast with herbalife lunch with cereal and dinner with herba life again. God please bless my wish....

Cuti Panjang -Part 2

Even though my daughter is around still I feel bored coz nothing much to do at home. She doesn't really care about me, seem watching Playhouse disney is more important than me. Ehm... now updating the blog. O...this morning I was sms ing my mother in law talking about her new born grand daughter. She hasn't see the baby but she was happy though just got to uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu oh...shakira disturbing me Please,,,,,, (cont.) see the picture from the vms from my brother in-law. Anyway, she also had seen the new born grandaughter from the video call of my handphone on the first day the baby was born. Luckily got me with the gadget he...he... well my husband thought me to be a gadget lady as he's a gadget guy. Congartulations to Iskandar and Eva for their new born baby girl.

Wait for Cuti Panjang Part 3. Shakira is calling me to watch Elmo in PHD. You know...the red hairy character with big round eyes and his favourite pet is a yellow fish in a jar...... see youuuu...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cuti Yang Panjang

Wow a long weekend for me. I can spend more time with my cute little daughter. Ehm.... what should I plan for the next 7 days?
1. Bring her to shoe shopping
2. Bring her to visit her second cousin
3. Bring her for swimming
4. Cook her favourite food nasi kicap
5. Feeding her milk
6. Draw fish for her
7. Sing twinkle,
8. Watch PHD
9. Play mickey cd
10. take her shower every 20 minutes

Ehm... lots of work. Now I know how hard to be a full time housewife......

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mery Christmas

Mery Christmas to all who celebrate it and happy holiday to all yang dapat tempias cuti. The good things about christmas is all about gifts and I'm the one who yang tak ketinggalan wishing for a gift too. And guest what?! I got my mini bonus of RM300.00 yesterday. Bolehlah buat belanja my husband lunch.

Last night was a christmas eve, semua sibuk gi dinner but not for me and my husband. We went for massage at a new place. this is a real massage , if you want to try go to Damansara Perdana, on top of the workshop.

Today we pick up Shakira in the evening as we need to buy groceries for the whole weekend. Ehm... a long weekend for me as took leave until early of next week. Shakira, here mummy's coming........

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Auditor yang Cute

Alhamdulillah semalam masa closing meeting auditor tak kenakan kan NCR tapi border line NCR. Emm... nasib baik tunjuk draf new procedure pada dia walhal tak siap bendapun, tapi itulah penyelamatnya...kelass..Thanks again to Pn/Cik Nurul the auditor. Terima kasih banyak lagi kat my GM yang begitu prihatin dan sanggup meminjamkan dokumennya sebagai perisai masa jumpa auditor walaupun terkantoi satu kali and thanks a lot to Shahnim, sebab muncul diwaktu kecemasan dan tunjukkan soft copy yang menjadi penyelamat keadaan.

Walaupun, sebenarnya bukan bidang kuasa I nak buat semua itu, dan dapat at the very last minute task tapi I did show to them that I can do walau nak terkincit macam mana pun keadaannya.Can this will give me a medal recognition from the top?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Weekend Yang sengsara

Apalah nasib minggu ni, dah husband tiba-tiba kena pergi training, tiba-tiba pulak weekend terpaksa perah otak nak kena buat kerja orang yang tak habis. Time dah hujung-hujung dan saat-saat genting, barulah orang dok sibuk asked for my assistance to finish and solve the problem. in the earlier stage tak pulak nak cerita kat kita, konon I'm not capable of carrying the task tapi dah hujung tanduk macam gini, handover kat kita. Agak-agak what will I get for this year? emas, perak atau gangsa.? yang mana satu agaknye yea? ....

What a small World

Such a coincident and amazing when I get in contact with my senior while chit chating with my officemate. Macam tak caya pun ada, and the best part is my office mate is my senior's second cousin. What a small world. Coindently lagi dia orang Kedah satu kampung dengan my husband. I admired her softness, loving and caring when I was studying in ITM Dungun. She was like our big sister back in 1996 -1999.

Thanks Shanim, coz suka senyum sendiri bile baca e-mail yang membuatkan I jadi busy body nak tanya kenapa senyum sendiri yang akhirnya jadi jejak kasih. Ini semua kuasa Tuhan.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hari ini sendiri lagi

Today, when I called my husband he said he had something to tell me. I waited until afternoon he called me back and informed me that he has to go for training at Bukit Tinggi. Alah... ni yang malas ni, we have planned to go for massage after work, terkandas lagilah projek malam nie... Anyway, it's ok as I can go back to Banting and overnight there and Saturday we will straight to my cousin's wedding. Kalau tak nak kena balik Damansara lepas tu baru pergi wedding. Nampaknya tak jadilah jugak nak menjenguk Pak Teh my husband yang sedang sakit di Jelutong but I will try to send something to him.

Petang nak jadi cerita, I felt so sleepy until I couldn't open my eyes. Then I decided pi dengar ceramah, tak pasal-pasal lepas dengar ceramah dok joint demo exercise, Yarabbi... ada ke exercise pakai heel. tapi hantamjelah labu nanti kalau tak joint diorang kata kita tak supportive. Lantak pilah diorang yang penting I feel fresher than before. Sipa dapat makan nasi goreng ulam kangkung mentah pulak tu. Memang sihat...sihat...

Dah habis exercise naik office , start the work suddenly my VP came from the back asking wether we had lunch yet or not. I said yes we had lunch, tapi peliknya dia gelak-gelak kat COO. There must be something man.. what, why ? I'm not sure. Tiba-tiba dia kata we all lunch makan buah.. nak perlu lah tu...

Heran jugak, dulu masa office ladies membesar sebagai johan siap kena warning supaya jaga badan , buat grooming dan kena masuk meeting. Bila dah mula nak kuruspun bos-bos nak perli gak. Lantak pilah they all asal we, office ladies happy..

Mari semua kita menuju ke arah potongan badan langsing dan sihat....

Malam ni sunyi lagi and I'm alone again.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Experiment Gimmick

Pagi buta aku dah terpacak kat office konon nak siapkan belon gimmick. Haram jadah betul, sorangpun tak ada lagi maka terkial-kial lah aku buat sendiri. Sebenarnya malas nak layan gimmick ni sebab boss event hari ni merajuk tak pasal dengan aku sebab aku bagi NCR kat department dia masa audit tapi dengant semangat berkobar, aku buat jugak sebab nak tunjuk kat depa bertapa aku seorang yang komited pada tugas... pehhh ... kelastak?. Yang paling aku tak paham, kerja diorang, tapi buat endah tak endah je,. aku dah rasa dah akan ada sedikit disaster kat event ni except gimmick aku. Pastinya ada orang yang keluar fire... kena fire... dan terbakar sebab fire... fire, memang fire.
Dalam kelam kabut pagi yang hangat dan stress tu .. aku bangga hasil kerja tangan gimmick aku menjadi, kelas gitu walau tak ada sesuatu yang hebat. Terima kasih kepada kawan-kawan yang memberi sokongan dan bantuan walaupun ianya sangat ringkas... tapi kelas dan elegent. Terpaksalah aku memuji diri sendiri, kalau tidak siapa lagi...
Pada department yang nak buat event yang ada launching sekiranya anda memerlukan perkhidmatan profesional silalah hubungi kami.... Akhir kata belajarlah dari kesilapan jangan kita rasa kita boss kita tahui semua, kadang-kadang bila kita dah berada di atas, kita terlupa benda yang kecil yang membawa kesan yang besar... renungkanlah...hargailah staff anda atau orang disekeliling anda....

herbalife and me

I've started taking herbalife for the past two months. The result is not bad as I lost 3 kg and many people has recognized keberkesanannya daripada... pinggangku yang ramping, dan dadaku yang bidang.... ewahh.. he..he.. melawak je. Sebenarnya ramai yang dah notice that I'm getting thiner. The best part was bila Pn. Noraini , wife my boss kata I dah kurus, lepas tu Shahnim kata baju yang saya pakai masa PSMB dah nampak longgar. Sebenarnya dah lama aku perasan, tapi malas nak tanya kat orang nanti kata saya perasan pulak. Anyway, I'm so happy now with my new diet and body figure walaupun target kurus saya masih jauh lagi... jauhhh..... Pada sesiapa yang mengambil herbalife tapi kurang nampak berkesannya, sila lihat kepada diri anda sendiri, diet anda dan displin anda. Jangan putus asa dan terus berusaha.. yehaa.... Goodluck eveybody.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tak sabar Nak Tunggu Petang

Semalam.... erm lunch di Tony Roma.... rasa bersalah lepas makan banyak ... rasa nak muntahkan semula apa yang dimakan. Anyway, it was short outings with my parents in-law. The wind not so good yet I shared something with my mother in-law, hanya Tuhan yang tahu.

Balik semalam teringat kenangan lama yang pahit dan saya manage to keep and store it. But I hope one day it will gone permanently. Until when.... I pun tak tahu tunggu sampai tuan punya hapuskan sendiri.... really hurts.

I'm thankful that I still have my parents who will accept me , my husband, and my daughter as we are dan akan terima saya biarpun apa yang terjadi. I'm thankful dan I still have husband yang penyayang dan jujur (harapan saya biar sampai ke akhir hayat), anak perempuan yang cukup cute, pandai dan bijak dan mother in-law yang cukup sporting and we share the same story.

Apa-apapun, saya dah tak sabar nak tunggu petang untuk balik ke Banting. Moga hati ini reda melihat wajah abah dan mak serta melihat anak perempuanku bermain dengan sepupunya Damia. Rasa bahagia yang tak terhingga.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Frust Tak Dapat Balik Kampung

Frustnya hari ni bila my husband said that we're going back to Banting tomorrow evening. I thought we could go back to Banting today's evening as he told me last two days. Frust...frustnya... tak dapatlah saya nak bawak mak pergi pasar esok pagi. Tapi tak apa... saya akan masakkan mak nasi briyani dan beli bahan-bahanya siap-siap hari ini atau esok pagi.

Tengah hari, my mother in-law ajak lunch kat luar tapi tak dicide kat mana lagi... kita tunggu.....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


2 December 2008

Half day I dah buka puasa lagi buat kali ke dua, biasalah red flag. Malangnya hari ni tak bawa HL habislah diet I hari ni, so lunch I makan soto. I called my husband, tanya if he's got any plan after work? He said "let's 'deicde later" so I pun tak harap apa-apa, but actually I plan to go to IKEA to buy the things that my fren kirim. After work my hubby called tanya what I had in mind earlier on, so tanpa membuang masa I said I wish to go to IKEA. He said okay and picking me up at home. Sementara nak tunggu my hubby sampai I took my herbalife drink dengan harapan tak nak makan lagi bila dah keluar nanti. On the way to IKANO my hubby has changed the plan to CineLeisure. At first he wants to go for Japanese so we wnt to Shinjyu after looking at the manu, he changed his mind to go for western at Bela Roma. Terpaksalah I korbankan diet, he got burger and I got an asian salad. Tapi i consider it as snack malam he..he...

3 December 2008

I am latee today, jamm very the jamm tak tau apa yang buat. Takut kena marah , baik call boss dulu, tapi rupanya boss pun sama kat belakang i lagi
Sampai office I asked my neighbour cum herba life consultant, kalau makan salad after taking herbalife can consider as snack tak? She said it was a snack, lega... Tengah hari makan salad, tapi terliur pulak tengok my collegues makan nasi erm.... sedapnya... nyum...nyum....
Tak pe esok aku bercita-cita nak bawa nasi goreng for lunch ok tak?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bonus oh bonus!

Nampaknya tahun ni tak ada bonuslah, share MRCB dah turun sampai RM0.70 sakit...sakit... I don.t mind if I did'nt get the bonus, sebab namanya bonus, kalau ada it's not company's obligation to give tapi kalau dapat memang syukur alhamdullillah. Tapi yang penting ada increment biarpun sedikit, nak kata promotion...ehm... itu hanya kata-kata manis boss pada anak buahnya nak dapat belum tentu, so don't have to think about it. Apa-apapun kerja senakin bertambah dan tak pernah surut, itulah nasib kita yang jadi orang bawahan, pastinya level boss pasti dapat A++ walaupun kita yang bertungkus lumus kerja. Maklumlah otak diorang yang diperah kita cuma buat kerja. Kita lain, walau penat mana memerah otak dan penat bekerja, kita tetap sama, kerja dan berfikir kita memang kena buat the judgement still from the boss. I wish I could evaluate the boss. Kalaulah ada upward evaluation kan ke bagus.That's the reality of life . Let's pray the bless from Allah to live in harmony and to be given a lot of Halal rezeki. Aminnn......

Friday, November 28, 2008

Kemelut Dunia

Everyday we heard about bombing and protest on tv and radio. What happen to people today? Why can't they live happily together regardles what races or religous they believes in? Why can't they be empathy? In Bangkok so many peoples suffers while stranded at their airport. why can't those people who did the protest think rationally what will be the consequnces behind their action? How the victims feel? can't they be more empahty to those who have children? What if they are at the victim's place? Hoe do they feel when thier children cries of not enough milk or food? The bombing in Mumbai, why the terrorist never put theirselves in other people place. maybe it's true it was a punishment to the people who had hurt them but why must they get other people involved in their conflict. Is it fair to other people who never know what their conflict was? Isn't that we called selfish?

I pray to Allah to change thier mind to be more rationale in facing day to day challenges in life. I believe all types of believes and religous has the optimal objective that is to live in peace.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hari Gembira

Minggu , minggu gembira untuk saya. Hausband I balik dari PNG hari Rabu, lepas tu semalam pergi masage sama-sama dan hari ni nak pi ambil Shakira... hoorei.....seronoknya.

Minggu ni saya plan nak bawa Shakira pi tengok Fish kat mana saja yang ada fish. Cepatlah hari berlalu biar cepat petang dan saya boleh pi ambil Shakira...... mummy miss you.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Nilai Murni

Aku rasa amat bangga dilahirkan di dalam keluarga yang sederhana, mempunyai asas ugama yang kukuh dan di kampung yang banyak nilai-nilai murni yang dipupuk sejak kecil lagi, seperti menghormati orang tua dan perasaan orang lain. Mungkin orang pekan kata, ramai budak kampung yang tidak mempunyaai haluan, merempit mencusri dan sebagainya, tapi itu hanya sebilangan , sama juga dengan orang pekan, tak semuanya baik ada juga kes-kes yang sama di pekan malah lebih teruk lagi. Mereka berkata begitu kerana mereka beruntung dilahirkan di dalam keluarga yang senang dan berada , bagaimanapula mereka yang tinggal di pekan dan hidup sederhana dan susah? mereka akan kata itu pilihan mereka. Bukan aku kata orang pekan tidak mempunyai nilai-nilai murni tapi mereka kurang mempunyai perasaan untuk memahami perasaan orang lain. Mereka lebih bangga dengan kehidupan mereka yang dikatakan lebih bebas dan mempunyai pendirian diri yang lebih kuat.Aku rasa bangga setidak-tidaknya aku di ajar untuk ada perasaan malu, perasaan untuk memahami orang lain dan menghormati orang tua. Aku akan ingat kata-kata abah sehingga akhir hayatku , katanya " buatlah sesuatu kerana Allah biarkan apa orang akan kata kerana segala-galanya ketentuan dan pembalasan juga datang dariNya, kita insan yang lemah tapi kita diberi akal untuk berfikir ". Setiap orang menginginkan sesuatu yang terbaik untuk dirinya, setiap orang mahu memenuhi keinginannya tetapi tidak semua yang akan terlaksana, apa yang perlu ialah keredhaan. Semoga aku diberikan semangat olehNya untuk meneruskan kehidupan. Sesungguhnya aku tidak pernah terlintas difikiran apa yang dipinta oleh yang tersayang tetapi aku redha, aku cume perlu sedikit ruang untuk ketenangan bukan untuk membuat keputusan dan sememangnya aku tidak memerlukan apa-apa keputusan kerana aku telah membuat keputusan sebelum aku bernikah dan ianya tidak akan berubah sehingga akhir hayatku dan dengan keredhaanNya. Segalanya kuserah padaMu ya Allah.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Blue Monday

Today was an english day. Everybody were supposed to speak english at the office. And today, the budget meeting has scared my day. I thought I will be excused from attending the meeting since my boss has came back to the office, but the luck was not on my side today. I was called for the meeting. As usual, my tummy was playing a budget music again. I was hope it won't disturbed my explaination when I was questioned, yet it happened but I managed toovercome it. I think my VP's mood was good today as he accepted all my explainations without queries. Yesss............. actually I had a lot to tell them but I just make it short due to my tummy conditions. Hope nobody noticed my uncomfortableness.

Dalam busy, busy banyak gossip jugak we all borakkan antaranya Aziz M. Osman berpisah dengan isteri ustazahnya. Sayang tak sampai setahun dah berantakan. Kisah Abby & Norman Hakim, dulu dikatakan pasangan paling ideal dan penyayang akhirnya musnah akibat seorang wanita. My collegue cum my cubical neighbour pun dah sebulan single broke off with her boyfriend maka ramailah yang nak menolong carikan pengganti sampai tersalah offer terkena suami orang. Kesian, anyway akupun tengah nak kenenkan dia dengan ex-classmate aku yang tengah available bachelor. Bilalah agaknya kawan aku tu free... boleh aku arrange blind date untuk mereka.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Conference In Genting

Last Monday I was sent to Genting Highland for a conference. It was great experiance for me. i was fortunate that I'm the senior in my unit and being selected to replace my boss who was on medical leave. It was interesting having conference at the most popular entertainment center in Malaysia. Even though the room was small for two and only furnished with basic furnishing but the experience is most precious. We were given a choice to choose the session. Topics of the session were interesting but some speakers did not do their research and preparation well. amongst the best speakers during the session I attend were En. Malik from Focus Learning, Dr Palan, Dato'Sharifah (the south pole conquerer) and Dr Rusminah. However,some seems selected desparately by PSMB as the speaker failed to attract the audiance to listen and seems do not understand what they trying to deliver and some speaker seems they are to well known until they thought people has understand what they trying to deliver. For example, the 1st session was delivered by one well known speaker in Marketing industry however, she failed to utilize the time given by the organizer to deliver what she supposed to do indeed she condemn the HR department which I don,t it waas right. She should teach people how to market the service provided by the HR department or how to become the customer service oriented HR officer. Nevertheless, it has given me some experience of attending a conference which has been attended by nearly 1000 participants. The most important was we won the PSMB award. Congartulations to SEMASA SENTRAL SDN. BHD. Thanks boss.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

Raya tahun ni kita beraya di Kedah. Seperti biasa Hari Raya disambut sederhana. Namun Mama masak macam-macam untuk kami dipagi raya walaupun hanya kami dan Iza yang ada di pagi raya. Raya di Kedah kali ni dapat beraya di sebuah rumah, rumah Mak Chak. 3rd raya, kita dah ke Penang we spent a night kat sana sempat kami ke airport penang for lunch. Biasanya raya banyak makan-makan di rumah orang semasa beraya tapi biasanya di Kedah agak berlainan sebab banyak makan di luar. Dinner raya kedua di Hotel baru di Alor Star dan Raya ke empat lunch di Equatorial. We went back to KL on Saturday, mak aiii..... punyalah jamme tak ingat. We all bertolak from Penang at about 5p.m sampai di Kl pukul 3 pagi . Raya punya pasal tak ape. Anyway, this raya I manage jugak bawa my family visit my uncles and aunties walaupun tak semua but I'm sure ramai cousin-cousin I yang bercakap I and my husband hardly mix with them. Kitapun this year dah ter miss the grand hari raya gathering which they had at my home in Banting and Hotel Impian di Morib. Anyway, syawal telah berlalu rabu yang lalu semoga yang telah lepas menjadi pengajaran kepada kita untuk persediaan kita di masa hadapan.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Majlis Cukur Rambut Damia

Last May, Suriya, my sister buat majlis cukur rambut Damia, Shakira's first cousin. Shakira punya happy tak ingat... maklumlah ramai kawan hari tu. Ada tetamu dari Brunei, Parents angkat Sakinah. Meriah jugak majlis tu sebab my cousin's son pun joint sekali so ada dua biji buai pada majlis malam tu.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Harga Minyak Naik, Perangai "Malaysian" pun Naik Minyak

Hari-hari orang cakap pasal minyak naik. Kenapa tak sibuk-sibuk cerita "what should we do to survive" bila harga minyak naik, harga barang naik?. Dulu banyak sangat kempen minum air kelapa muda, makan daging arnab. Kenapa tak sekarang adakan kempen-kempen seperti ini supaya orang lebih berjimat? Kenapa kita tak buat kempen naik kereta "carpool" pergi kerja, naik basikal pergi kerja, jalan pergi kerja? Apa kata syarikat-syarikat sediakan kenderaan ambil pekerja dan hantar pekerja seperti pekerja kilang?. Kenapa tak ada lagi kempen-kempen jabatan pertanian seperti dulu. Kenapa tak adakan kempen tanam sayur di rumah?. Kenapa tak galakkan pekebun kecil atau individu tanam sayur dirumah?. Kenapa biarkan syarikat-syarikat besar yang dulu berasaskan perladangan berpindah ke industri Perumahan? seperti Guthrie yang sekarang concentrate more on their housing estate as compared to thier palm estate?. Berapa banyak rumah nak dibina yang orang kaya sahaja boleh beli tapi orang sederhana dan kurang berkemampuan tak mampu beli?.

Nampaknya "Malaysian" sekarang sekarang semakin"selfish". Mereka lebih mementing kepentingan mereka daripada orang lain yang memerlukan. Tak payah pergi jauh, I duduk di Perdana Emerald yang rata-rata orang yang berpendidikan dan berkemampuan, tapi sayang mereka kebanyakkannya selfish. Nak parking pun dah tak tahu nak baca sign . One way dah jadi two. Keluar parking lalu entrance kononnya nak dekat dan cepat. Tapi rasanya nak jimat minyak, maklumlah minyak dah mahal. Dah tu kalau tak mampu pakai kereta naik bas jelah.

Maintenance fee tak bayar, kad kena block. Tak dapat masuk pecahkan pintu. Kalau tak mampu bayar maintenance duduk kat kampung je. Dah duduk kat tempat hebat tapi tak ajar anak tentang disiplin. Kecil-kecil lagi dah ajar anak kencing di shower . Tak ada rasa malu dengan kejiranan. Ke mana perginya disiplin diri?. Sangat menyedihkan masyarakat kita hari ini.

Apa nak jadi dengan kita sekarang dan akan datang?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shakira si Comel

From day to day my daughter grown taller, cuter, naughtier and most importantly cleverer. She is so active until my parents couldn't handle her. But she's the sun of the day, brightening everibody's day.

Hari-hari Yang boring di tempat kerja

Dari hari ke hari kerja makin bosan. Not much room for me to move agrressively. So much restriction , so many protocol to pass through. Why can't life of work goes like before. It went smoothly eventhough so many day to day obstacles, yet achievable and full of satisfaction.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Task

Hari nie hati rasa tak sedap je. Pagi siapkan audit sampai tengah hari. Selalunya bila bos-bos meeting syoknya tak terkira macam kucing tak ada , tikus berkeliaran. Tapi hati kita rasa tak sedapje. Kita beritahu kat jiran kita and she knew why . Kita je buat-buat macam tak tahu tapi sebenarnya dah agak dah on the managemnet decision tu. Kita rasa down sangat lepas jumpa lady boss tapi rasa lega lepas tu after got the confimation on my job position. Nampaknya kena kerja kerasle nampaknya. At one side I feel honoured but the other side I feel scared of the future responsibilty. Well, if I don't start now I will never start walaupun ianya hanya showcase.