Friday, January 30, 2009

My Clumsy Morning

Early in the morning I had switch on my little note book. Started paying all my normal bills, astro, electric and my celcom. I think my clumsy day has started again today as I overpaid my celcom bill by RM1000.00 whereesle the bill is only RM134.00. What a clumsy I am. Then i have to make a report to reverse back my RM1000.00 (one thousand okeiiii not one hundred) and the bank operator told me that it will take a month to reverse back my money. Heii... tightlah budget bulan ni...but the most unacceptable part is just one press which took less than a second I temporarily lost my RM1000.00 and to get back my money it will take a month. Isn't it horrible? .

Cuti Panjang Lagi...

Hoorai..... another long weekend. Selamat Hari Wilayah! My weekend will start with my nephew 's birthday party at Kinrara. Meaning.... we have to go shopping for birthday present , pick up my sister in-law and here we go to Kinrara. Next what's that means.... oh my diet... bye..bye. The problem with diets is that most people fail to stay the course.Purple elf when can i get my formula 3?

Things to do over the weekends :
1. Send my cousin son's bolster
2. Attend my nephew's birthday party
3. Cleaning the house
4. Swimming with my hubby and daughter
5. Shopping for groceries
6. Wash clothes

While typing in my blog I heard a loud noise of people screaming from the Duetch Gashaus downstairs at Metropolitan SQ. Not to sure what so great having drinks there but for sure the alcohol is not good for health. I read news in a paper this morning about Somalian died due to overconsuming alcohol. I think it burnts his heart or dunno...but pity he can't enjoy the life anymore....

Another news attracted me this morning was about the development of fund raising for GAZA. Yes, our compnay also make some effort collecting funds to be donated to the palesteniens. Public are welcome to contribute their donation at the donation box placed at the center of Stesen Sentral Kuala Lumpur. Where... near to the information counter.

Latest development of KL Sentral is the construction of a new mall which will start soon. This will give an options to shoppers to enjoy more convenient shopping ambiance and the most linked to the public transport facilities.

I think that's all my updates for now.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pening Dan Kecut Perut

The worries of this year's KPI really gave me headache. I got nearly 23,000sqft of office space and about 1300sqft retail space for rent as my KPI. This evening my VP highlighted his worries to me as we are now moving to February 2009 and still looking a new tenant for the vacant spaces . Anybody who read my blog and interseted to rent and explore business opportunity at the most busiest place in Kl Sentral, please ...please contact me during my office time at 03-27738816. Maklam tak leh tidurlah nampaknya....mimpi cam ne nak cari tenant baru...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Aktiviti cuti Raya Cina

Thanks for Chinese New Year this year as it gave me enough time to spend over the weekend for my kenduri kesyukuran and spend longer time with my beloved family in Banting. I was soooo... excited for this kenduri as this is kenduri for my promotion which I got last Thursday. All my aunties , uncles and cousins were gathered and celebrated my very little success in mylife. This time kenduri we catered the food from the kampung caterer. The good thing about kampung caterer they really cooked kampung recipes. For this kenduri we had masak lemak nenas ikan masin. sambal tumis udang (udang besar-besar dan banyak lagi), kerabu kacang botol dengan taugeh jawa, ayam goreng berempah dan for dessert we had kuih talam and fruits. But the tak best punye part, my daughter, my hubby and myself had met the Mr Doc for the medcine as all of us got fever. Pitty Shakira as her cousins all happpy playing and baby chit chating, she was lying curl with the her bear. Yesterday, we spend the whole day in Banting, relaxed and sleep all day long. We went back in the evening as I had to go to work today. As I went to work Shakira spend her day with daddy did all daddy daughter activties ( watching cd, play games, go lunch, go swimming and walk).

To those celebrate Chinese New Year Happy New Year! We wish the oxen year will bring properity and happiness to everybody.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mak tumpang kucing & aktiviti masa cuti

Ntah macam mana today terjebak dengan masalah kucing. So malam tadi I became the kitty sitter. They were cute, unfortunately we can't keep cats at home maklumlah duduk kat rumah burung, nanti kena makan kucing pula... so Sha's two kitties overnight kat rumah I malam nie (transit point) before the real new gurdians came picked them up this morning. Maklumlah tak pernah jaga kucing... all the kitties pulak trauma banyak sangat transit, sampai rumah, terus menyorok sebelah cupbaord my daugther... see the picture cute can?. Sebenarnya I've planned for masage last nite with my husband, so jadi lambatlah sikit pasal case jadi mak tumpang kucing. Sebelum keluar I've prepared their food and waste case dalam bilik air, tapi rasanya they all tak reti guna dan tak berani keluarkoy. Lepas balik masage lebih kurang pukul 12 lebih they were still there. Pity them. Duduklah dia kat situ sampai kami tertidur. Sedar, sedar dah pukul 4 pagi bau semacam je... sah they all dah terxxxx.. puas cari punca rupanya atas carpet... ehm... tak pasal kena buang najis dialah..cuak I dibuatnya apataknya ntah ke mana the two kitties pergi , senyap tak ada bunyi, rupanya yang kecil belakang sofa and bubu tak tau kat mana. Kesian mereka, I knew that both of them hungry tapi trauma mengatasi segalanya both of them ran back hiding at the same place again sampai tertidur. Pagi, the 1st guardian En. Lan with whole family came ambil si kecil, tak lama the 2nd guardian , abang Din datang with his family picked up si Bubu... Finaly, tinggallah mak tumpang di rumah burung
Aktiviti cuti
As we planned to picked up Shakira lambat, so we went for massage again but this time different place. Lepas massage we straight had our lunch at friendster. After lunch my hubby got his hair cut and wash and myself , I had hair treatment, wash and blow. Balik rumah, mandi dan go back to pick up Shakira. Bye...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hari Bertuah Saya

First of all it just so unexpected, macam tak caye pun ada but that's the fact and a history in my life. Sepanjang my employment this is my first time I experienced it. Thanks to everybody for inspiring me and giving me a full support and assistance. Without my collegue and my bosses it might not turn as bright as now. Congratulations to all my collegues who has been promoted today. For Zabidah all of us are happy with your promotion and you deserve it. To all bosses thank you for your guidance and asistance.
To Shanim and K. Ton, saya sangat terharu with your support dan harapan yang you all harapkan untuk I. Now it's all become reality, thanks for all the wishes yang sekarang dah jadi realiti. Sungguh saya terharu..... I am soooo excited. My hubby is the one who was very happy today and he dance and dance macam dia yang dapat buah yang gugur...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Manusia dah mula hilang kemanusiaan

This morning sampai je di office our Ms PR has switch on our morning with the most unacceptable news about a bldy he.. man who threw a cute little baby into a dustbin. If I were there at the incident venue, i will definitely belasah dia sampai mamxxx. Tak faham orang sekarang ni, makin belajar tinggi, makin moden tapi makin mundur akhlak, keperibadian dan kemanusiaan mereka. If he cought by the authorities I would suggest to send him to Isarel and let the bomb explode him. I think we should find a way how to develop and build a more loving , caring, and responsible nations. Orang yang -orang yang unrationale sebegini should be placed at one centre dan di beri kaunseling and facing punishment at the same time baru diorang sedar. Any idea apa kita nak buat dengan orang-orang seperti ini?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Terkenang Di Masa lalu

Malam-malam gini teringat the moment I met my first love (my husband of course). It was back in 2003. Masa tu muda nak lewat remaja. Under the sunlight that passing through the dome of SSKL, I was dengan tak sengaja terpress no. my Mr Right. Ala.. ala nak check no. terus teroffer tiket free tengok MME. The best part was I was lost contact with him for about 2 years but God bless I met him again. Detik 12 malam di Sepang Circuit had change my life. Aku pun tak tau why I want to write this? agaknya tengahari tadi yang trigger aku nak cerita my memorable moment in my life. Life was too fast, tup...tup aku dah kahwin, now got one daughter..pejam celik dah 3 tahun anak aku. Syukur.... as God had given me such a wonderful life, gave me a precious experiences and unforgettable moments. To all my young friends, enjoy your life as well as appreciate it because you can't turn back times.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

something I like to share

I like to share what I read in advertising marketing mag ed. dec 2008, the top 12 lesson from the GBF speaker. One of the speaker was my idol, Datuk Seri tony Fernandes his quote was " The best way of growing a brand is through public relations. To be a global brand you cannot want to be protected instead you have to aspire to be as good as global brand". The other quote from him was "Spend more advertising and promotion in times of crisis. Believe the unbelievable, dream the impossible, don't take no for an answer, don't listen to anybody and be confident, not afraid of failing".

How many people are dare to do what he said?.

Hari Penanggah


Today I was on duty as "penanggah" at my VP son's wedding. One thing good about the wedding were I got one free kurung, I met my old friends from SIC and the most important thing tired. Kesiannya Shakira has to stay with daddy, walaupun sebenarnya dia tak heranpun kena tinggal dengan daddy.

Dalam kelam kabur sempat jugak buat rambut. Murah giler....nak tahu berapa I was charged ? RM25 only. Fast and satisfying. Nak tahu kat mana kena tanya purpleelf.....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Dah lama kita tak updates kat blog kita . Broadband down after new year.

11/1/2009- Visist Baby
I went to visit my brother in-law at his in law's place di Taman Counnought. Actually dah pergi tengok but this time have to follow my mother in law yang baru first time nak tengok cucu baru. she's look bigger now, cutie baby.

12/1/2009- Buying Present
I am volunteering myself to buy farewell present for Farisha. So I went to Bangsar Shopping Centre to buy the present. I went to Poh Kong and get a necklace and pendant for her. I hope everybody contributing will be happy on what I bought.

13/1/2009 - Girls Outing
Erm... this is the best thing happened this week. It has been a long time I didn't go hu ha with my friends . Actually the outing was to celebrate farewell for Farisha my collegue yang dah resigned last Friday. However, due to her commitment assisting her boss, she still come to the office. We had dinner at Italianies, the gardens, lepas tu kami macam kena sawan bergambar. Sampai nak turun escalatorpun sempat lagi bergambar. Thanks to all.

14/1/2009 - Fairwell party Farisha
Petang tu kami sibuk arrange farewell untuk Farisha, Macam biasa, Kak Seb dan Ej menjalankan tugas makcik kantinnya membeli KFC dan kek. Aku pulak ganti shanim bungkus hadiah my VP dan check siapa lagi belum sain kad sebab she was bz with the tender. Tapi tak laratnya aku terkantoi lagi dengan VP aku sebab tak beri farewell kad tu kat dia awal-awal, so he's complained tak ada space for him to sign and satu lagi sebab we all tak minta duit untuk beli hadiah dari dia. Nasib baik COO aku cover suruh dia beli personally for Farisha.Anyway, good luck Farisha, semoga berbahagia, selamat dan berjaya di masa hadapan. Semoga Farisha juga akan menjadi isteri yang solehah dan menjadi tulang belakang suami tersayang. Hati-hati di tempat orang.