Monday, April 20, 2009


I thought I'm the only one at the office has to face drastic changes. Changes happened everyday, anytime and anywhere. Today late in the evening, I was suprised with a new changes. Our VP will head a new division while new leader is coming to lead us. How is my VP's feeling when he received the news? But I'm sure he is ready with any changes and sure enough he will miss us at building services. It was his passion to build such a fast moving and expanding division with a harmony working environment. Wish him all the best but I will miss his smiles, his caring and his naughty thoughts to us. He's like a father to us, caring, loving but sometimes hard to handle. As a lesson, we as an employee must be ready with the changes and must be adaptable to any situation.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Working Experience

Erm... memang lama tak update blog. Mengalami sedikit tekanan kerja so tak ada mood nak update blog. For the past two weeks I have feelings conflict, happy, sad, upset, disstaisfaction, terpinggir dan macam-macam lagi. It's all started when the management made a last minutes decision which damn shocked me . Nevertheless, I took the changes positively and it showed that the management is giving me trust to deliver a new task which is more challenging and interesting. I will try my very best to the ultimate. Due to the changes I have to accept whatever task given eventhough in a short notice. Dengan itu juga last week at the very last minute of the day I was instructed to go to Kota Kinabalu for a new assignment.

It was my first experienced going to Kota Kinabalu. It was a nice place with a lot of tourist spot tapi tulah time constraint. We only have time for dinner and lunch for break and about 1 1/2 hour to buy prawn before fly back to KL. I wish i could go back to Kota Kinabalu for a holiday. My time there full with doing study of the building, luckily the experienced contractor treat us the best seafood in town. First time in mylife I had the most expesive and varities seafood in a time. You want to see what I had, tapi tak semua but at least you can imagine what I had there for dinner and lunch.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

TGI Fridays Subang

Last Saturday, I had dinner at TGI Fridays Subang, I had Salmon and my hubby had burgers, Shakira had chicken fingers, baked skin potato and ice-cream. I thought they are kids friendly like other outlets which in line with them however, when we asked them for the kids colouring kit like provided by Chilis and Tony Roma, unfortunately they didn't.
Next when it comes to service, they are nearly the same as other TGI however, the level of friendlyness is not the same as what we can get at TGI One Utama or The Curve. The worst thing was when some part of my husband's order were missing which I think it shouldn't happened . Is either the waiter did not check before they deliver to customer or the cook was dreaming until he/she forgot about the ingredients or the element of the burger or they purposely missed the item to cut the cost due to the escalation of the operation cost. Ermm.. not to sure which was the exact reason.
I also noticed that the TGI Subang hired all locals not like the Curve I can some black staff servicing the customers and One Utama some Filipino or Nepalis (correct me if I'm wrong), which i think they should give the better service as compared to these foreigners as they would understand the local taste better.
I don't know, may be this is one of the reason why our local staff /monpower is not competitive enough to be in the job market.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tempat menarik untuk makan

It's been quite somtime I didn't update my blog. Erm.. I think I want to talk about food and place to eat. I love spicy food either asian or western as long as it spicy I will loovee... it very much...lebih -lebih lagi kalau creamy.Erm... memang lazat sehingga menjilat jari.

There are few places that I love to enjoy food some of them are Banana leaves and my favourite restaurant for banana leaves is at Nirvana in Bangsar. I also love fish head curry and the place that I used to go for this dish is "kari kepala ikan Kg Attap". Next, ikan bakar, I have two places that I love to have the ikan bakar. First Jalan Bellamy behind the National Palace and the other one is in Tang Lin near lake garden. Have you tried baked onion and kickin' shrimp? you can have the best at Tony Roma Cineleisure. Satay, yes most people talking about Hj. Samuri when talking about satay. yes, yesteryears I used to love eat Satay Hj. samuri, but the one that I like most is satay Pak Cik Alias in Banting and satay jalan peel. Erm... yummmy...yummy. For the dessert I like the desert at the sweet chat as it fulfill my taste, not too sweet yet tasty. Have you ever tried a durian pancake?. Well I am not a durian fan but the one I had at the chinese restaurant in Mandarin Oriental was the best I ever tasted. For the dimsum, I like the dimsum serve at the Chinese restaurant at the Holiday Villa Subang. I like jawa food since I got java blood running trough my veins and the best option I have is Warong Penyet at the curve. Do you like northern indian food? . I have one place in Ampang called Thaba village for those who love and fan of spicy food.Steak? of course jakes and victoria station. For ordinary meal last time when I was in ampang I love to have my dinner at Havana located at the medan selera beside Petronas near to International school Ampang.

Warning : never go the unfriendly place for eating as it will destroy your appetite. Places that I am not keen to go :
1. Sushi King at sooka Sentral very bad service. You won't get you food til lunch time ends.
2. Carcosa (the malaysia restaurant) as tyhe waiter and waiteress are not friendly and the way they look at you is like you can't afford to pay.
3. A restaurant in Shah Alam. ( i didn't mentioned in my previous post)