Saturday, May 30, 2009


Erm...lama dah tak update blog. For this updates I would share my eating experience since the last I updated my blog. First, Little Penang at Taman Tun. Well the food were nice and at reasonable price. I had otak-otak, cantonese yee mee and my husband had fried rice which I can't remember the name. If I'm not wrong it was pienaple fried rice. It's a friendly eating experience where the chief waitress came to us and asked how was the food we had. Well, besically we really satified as it got the taste and has a big portion. I would recommend this to anybody who like nyonya cuisine.

Second, I would share my eating experience in Port View in Kota Kinabalu. The best things about Port View was it has the best seafood in town plus traditional performance. All the seafood were very fresh and they know the best recipe for each type of seafood. I loved the Sabah vege goreng belacan, butter prawn, mantis prawn deep fried, and crab chili. Everyone should try the seafood here once you are in Kota Kinabalu. After you had your meal you can walked along the woter front, and if you like the live band there are two pub offering such and the best is at the middle of water front. I can't remember the pub but the singer seems a black man from America. There is one cafe just next to the Port View that offers a combination of Seafood and Western. The oxtail assam pedas and nasi lalap are one should try.

Next, my eating experience at one of a normal kedai makan in Kota Kinabalu which seems specialize offering soup. We had soto bakso campur, erm yummy full with beef ball, noodles, chicken serta dalaman lembu. You should try drinks called Kichi if I'm not mistaken the name was and it actually a calamansi with lime drinks. Tapi memang sedap. The best calamansi drink I ever had.Very nice and it's cheap.

There is another seafood spot in Kota Kinabalu called Raffelsia. Di sini ada juga seafood hidup but the place is like a food court tapi kira high end sikit sebab setiap Saturday nite dia ada traditional performance. Seafoodnya okay tapi can't compete with Port View. When I was there, we had this kind of baked dumplings. Dalamnya isi ayam, sedap.

On my last trip to Kota Kinabalu my husband picked me up at the airport . On the way to Banting he wants to have dinner at Tune hoter near LCCT. There are two food outlets open that day one lokks like a canteen/ cafeteria for the staff and the other one is like a coffe bean kind of concept . We decided to go to the canteen looked of cafeteria as it offers varieties of menu. There I ordered a lamb chop and my husband ordered a chicken chop. Unfortunately the portion is so small. My husband still feel hungry and he ordered 1/2 dozen egg mayo sandwich. But when it came it was actually a combination of a set of fried egg sandwich and a set of tuna sandwich. Funny isn't 1/2 dozen of egg mayo sandwich jadi dua set sandwich yang totally can't be called as egg mayo sandwich. we were so confused. I think that did not understand the concept of half dozen ataupun chefnya tak faham menu yang di offer dan di order. Ataupun the chef tak tahu nak buat sandwich egg mayo jadi hantam jelah sandwich tuna campur mayonise dengan sandwich telu r goreng. For it is a a standard kantin sekolah atau kefeteria kilang. Tapi harga macam hotel lima bintang. Maka konsep hotel Tune dengan outlet offerings agak contradict sebab hotel tune says experienced a 5 star hotel at 1 star price, tapi bila makan di tune hotel you have to pay 5 star price for a 1 star menu. Preety bad when foreign exeperinced it as it will spread bad things about tune hotel.

There's another restaurant that I went in Kl called called Hornbill. I like this restaurant because you can see the bird life and the most interesting the birds are not scared with people. Kadang-kadang dia temankan kita makan. Tak caya, try dulu. Location, at the bird park. Rasa, biasa-biasa saja. Ada sate, ada western, ada masakan melayu juga.

Rasanya itu sajalah buat kali ini.

Friday, May 8, 2009

I was in Kota Kinabalu again

I was instructed to assist EPF people for KK project again. I was supposedly go there with my collegue En. Hizal and our GM En. Najib. Unfortunately, En. Hizal was admitted at SJMC due to slip disc. Our GM asked me who should replace him for the trip to KK as ticket has been confirmed and can't be canceled. So I said our Cik Shanim. Why? because it is an exposure to her to meet people, talk to people and basically we are in the same team and doing the ground work. For me it is more relevant to bring people who do the ground work rather than people who just want the info and get the credit from it.
This trip is the most valuable experience for me as I got a chance to communicate and know closer with one of the MRCB board member. Coincidently he is from Selangor (Klang) too. He's so open minded and can mix with us very well eventhough I and Shanim are only a normal executive. He can accept our idea and recommendation. Thanks En. Najib for giving me an opportunity to us. I learn a new since I assist SEMASA SERVICES and I am exploring a new industry which has brighter future and growing rapidly.
It was tiring trip as we did not have much time to rest and most of the time fulfilled with discussion and site visit. Nevertheles, we are happy with what we did and contribute. And the best was most of my suggestions on the development of upgarding work were accpted by client, . It such an honour to me. Hope this project will go smoothly as planned.