Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Today I was engaged with my friends on msn for about an hour. I am so happy to get connected to her after the last we met at ITM dungun's farewell night. We shared a stories about works, family and friends. And the most attractive topic was about work.

Sometimes i feel so lucky having my job now compared to her. I had the most convenience working environment with a very sisterhood and brotherhood officemate , supportive bosses that always try to get close to us. Pity her she got the boss who knows nothing but act like she knows the whole world. Pretending she knew everything but actually feeded by the staff . She was so confused with her job now but I advised her to remain calm and take the challenge. Do not give up and does whatever she has to , as one day the diamond will shine as bright as the star shining in the sky if its' polished everyday. It such a waste if the people doesn't realize how useful is the information feeded without utilizing and exploiting it. Some people loves to accept the raw and fresh info without fully utilizing it assive the raw and fresh material is the best. Actually raw info will kill you if you do not know how to exploiting it especially when you do not understand the base. It is best to grow from the bigining rather having it on the surface and yet claimed it is your effort. You wil trap youself in your created box. To my beloved friend, be patient and be strong to face the real life of the world. Thank God for where I am now. Thank you for all the bosses who are very supportive and always be there whenever I need you epecially in finishing my new task. Anyway good luck to her, semoga Tuhan memberi kekuaatan dan kesabaran kepadanya .

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hari Ini

Today is not so busy day for me. I did lot of sourcing information on how to get MSC status. It was nice talking with the manager at MDEC. He was so friendly and soft spoken. When I mentioned my company, he knew about it and it make it easy for me to deal with him. Today my VP tak banyak kacau I so I can concentrate doing my internal audit yang dah lama tergendala.
Hari ni puasa tak terasa penat sangat maybe because I was too concentrate doing my work until I didn't realize dah masuk lunch time. Today, I was freezing as the air-cond was too cold. Maybe that's one of the reason I didn't feel tired. While waiting the breaking fast time , I was thinking what should I have for breaking fast. In my mind I was thinking nasi lemak campur dengan telur mata. ehm.. bestnya. on the way back dah fikir what should I said to my husband nak ajak dia pi makan nasi lemak for buka puasa. Bila sampai rumah hampeh, semua perancangan tak jalan sebab dia dah kata kita " we go friendster, easy. I want ceasar salad", ehm tak dapatlah I nak makan nasi lemak. Ku bawa plan makan nasi lemak untuk buka puasa esok pula.
Lepas makan my husband insist to have massage . Katanya selepas balik dari outstation tak pi massage lagi, badan letih. Nak tak nak kena ikut juga walaupun mata dah letih. Kali ni kami pergi dekat depan rumah je. Namanya zouk. It was disspointing as the lady at the reception was so confusing . Sekejap kata masage untuk dua ada tapi kena tunggu 1/2 jam, at the same time telling us one can start now but the other one has to wait until 11.30p.m. MAna satu betul pun tak tahu. Try not to waste time I asked my husband to do body massage alone while I did foot masage as ianya boleh menjimatkan masa tak perlu tunggu. Tapi rupanya body masage kena tunggu juga until 11.30p.m. Tak ke confuse namanya. Apa-apalah nyonya janji my husband got his body masage and I got my foot masage.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hikmah di Sebalik Kesukaran

Sometimes in life we can't expect the good things all the time. Sometimes Allah beri kesukaran which sometimes very hard to accept. But actually behind all the hardship, there is "hikmah" given by Allah, it just us who did not realize it. I believe in what ever given by Allah there is reason behind it. Eventhough I am not that "alim" but I believe in basic of Qada' and Qadar.
This week there is something big happened to the company where my husband is working. It was disaster but yet he is still cool. The same goes to me, the project that we worked very hard doesn't seem working well. We went up and down to K.K and yet nothing is working. It was disspointing, however a good thing about it, is I get closer to my bosses especially my new VP who is very particular and meticulous. He's petite but firm like orang melayu kata kecil-kecil cili api. He loves to give a short dateline to me but to me it is very challenging. e.g. he gave me 1/2 hour dateline, 1 hour dateline to complete the task.
Wow... memang hebat sungguh this week, yesterday morning lagi best, I have to assist my officemate to do revised price for tender and the dateline was before 12pm. and the interview was only at 4pm a day before I get all information on the same morning when the price supposed to be submitted. wasn't it horrible?. Anyway it is all about challenge. Fuhh... yesterday all the short date line was over and mission accomplished. Hope there will be no more short notice date line, penat tau, nak menaippun sampai terketar-ketar but i want to congartulate myself as I managed to completed the task given within the dateline given, walaupun orang lain tak puji. Sape lagi nak puji diri sendiri, kalau tak diri sendirikan?.
Rasa macam nak ambik replacement leave je, tapi risau sebab head of BD tak de orang penting kat BD pun on holiday, ni kalau boss cari kita tak ada memang panas BD nanti. Cepatlah korang semua balik kerja bolehlah I bercuti pulak.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Welcome Back my Beloved Husband

On 1st July, I went for a concert of Anuar Zain and 2nd July I picked up my husband at the airport. Picking him up at the airport is the 1st best thing of this week sebab dah tiga minggu lebih tak jumpa, makanya hari ni terlerailah rindu dikalbu bila Mr Johan Bokhari kembali ke pangkuan ku. Pukul 3 pagi lagi I dah bangun dan bertolak ke airport pukul 4 pagi. Begitu eager nak jumpa husband di airport seperti terujanya I nak pi concert Anuar Zain. sampai di airport pukul 5.00pagi tapi my husband keluar dari departure dalam pukul 6 lebih. Well it's norm waiting for the lugage at the airport. Anyway, I am so happy he came back as from today onwards i willnot be alone at home anymore.

Anuar Zain Concert

Ist July 2009 was one of the sweetest moment in my life in 2009 where I went for Anuar Zain's concert. He's gorgeous and his performance was awesome. Teruja sangat sehingga mengalir air mata, every words of his song betul-betul menyentuh perasaan serasa meresap ke dalam setiap urat badan. Puas hati pilih seat yang kami duduk tapi sebenarnya kami nak duduk yang depan sekali tapi malangnya depan kami semua reserved seat. We were at the first row of unreserved seat. Nampak jelas keindahan ciptaan Tuhan yang bernama Anuar Zain. He phisically adalah ciptaan Tuhan yang sangat cantik kata my collegue, En. Hizal and I believed him too. He did not have to talk as his singing, his voice is enuff buat orang semua dibuai alunan lunak suaranya. Sayangnya tak dapat nak bergambar dengan Anuar dan tak boleh nak ambil gambarnya masa dia tengah perform as all recording were prohibited in the dewan. I wish I could take his picture while he's performing. His voice as good as you listened in the CD even better. Congrat Anuar