Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Little Daughter

Last November we celebrated my daughter's 4th birthday. life is too fast and we realized Shakira is no more a little baby that we had to feed, to change an to carry with everywhere we go. Her heights doesn't judge her age when we realized she's no more suitable for kids game at an indoor park Genting Highlinds. Poor Shakira when she was rejected to enter the kids train due to her heights that beyond taller than the approved heaight for the kids. It was a bit frustrated not only for her but also for us. At her age she's unable to enjoy the kid's train due to her heights. It's okay SHAK, Mummy believed one day you will be thankful to have the extra heaight from the normal girl as a model you need to be xtra tall baby..

Mummy wish you that one day you will be a famous leader, always remember that you belongs to Allah and because of that you will remember that what ever you will pursue is because of Allah and mummy believed if you believe in that too you will always on the right track toward your goals of life. I love you Sayang....

Kiss and hug from mummy and daddy. We love you baby...

Big Lost at My Workplace

The year is near to the end and this year, two biggest lost happened at my workplace. First, the shift of our old VP , En. Hussin Ali to a new division and secondly, is the transition of our GMD, En Shahril Redza to a new portfolio. These two persons has inspired us to be a good team in achieving the goals. They are like father and brother to us who have tightly holds our hands and pull us to the top of the mountain. They never feel tired inspiring us towards the ultimate success as a team work.

Personally I admired En Hussin Ali for his personality who sensitive with his surroundings, his capability to push his staff spiritually work as a team, his capability to get close to each and everyone under his division. It was a amazing how a very senior level of management person would beble to get to know even a ground staff and can share the dreams with them. I really respect him when he can make us realize that all our dids is for "Allah" and if thinks that way, our life will be "barkah". I believed in that too. He's the nearest real idol leader that I can see in this real life.

En. Shahril Redza soon will leave the team yet serve the nation as requested. Personally, in my opinion he is the second best CEO in Malaysia after Dato' Tony Fernandez. He is brilliant yet open minded and humble. At first sight people would think he's an only normal executive from the way he dressed up and the way he communicates with staff. Yet he's actually the best CEO that many staff would admired to work with. His humbleness will win every heart and inspiring to be the one like him. In reality it is hard for a normal person to be like him. An ego person and prejudice is not his company yet not an enemy. But he will be able to transform a normal person to a better one. I think in Malaysia only him will leave his management group behind just because he wants to joint the normal staff for the lunch.Isn't it touching? when out of nowehere the top person in the most well known corporate company joint our normal working level lunch group and chated about family, about work and share the ideas he has? Isn't it interesting? For me it was unforgettable memory. Can be part of my life history. The most unforgettable thing about him is his character and attitude. never look down to others, always respects others and loves his family very much.

For both of them, I will miss their leardership that has inspired me to work amrter, harder and with full commitment. I really hope the replacement will be the same and even better than them. I wish both of them the best of luck and you're always been my idols.

Outstation Lagi

Last month and this month are the outstation month. Last month I went o Penang and Alor Star for three days 2 nights, last two weeks I was in Kuantan for three days two nights and tomorrow a day trip to Penang Sentral.

Lagi tersekat pergerakan lagi banyak tanggungjawab nak kena outstation. Thanks to my beloved husband whoo has been very understanding and supportive eventhough it's a bit hard for him to accept this. I promised I will look after our family as good as I can, will go back home as soon as my working hour is over and spend as much time I have with you and our beloved daughter. I will try to avoid unnecessary commitment with outsider as possible.

Thank to my family too.