Friday, January 22, 2010

3 weeks a full time mother

It has been 3 weeks I become a full time mother. All this while I only see my daughter over the weekend. It was a challenging experience that really challenged me mentally and physically. However, it was fun to see my daughter's development at school, at home, socially and religiously. I am proud my daughter when I can hear she sings, listen to her reciting "doa makan", talking about school at home.

having her at home with me is another fun story to tell. Depends on her mood she can easily offering helps to do housework such as keep all dirty clothes into the laundry basket, throw rubbish into a dustbin, reminding everybody about the mess that should be tidy up (well, she actually did the mess but she will complaint like other people did) and she will do.

Staying with grandparents for such a long period has given an emotion effects to her actually after been separated for three weeks. She keep telling that she doesn't want to go to school because she said she wants to see nenek and damia. That was her reason that she gave me when I'm sending her to school. Nenek and atuk from afar look normal but deep in their heart they missed my daughter so much, same to my daughter. We try to bring her to see my grandparents once in a two weeks.

I hope the life become easier as she grows up.