Friday, February 5, 2010

Pemberian Yang Sangat Berharga

Kehidupan di dunia adalah pemberian Tuhan yang paling berharga kerana kita diberi peluang menikmati pemberianNya.

Kita sebagai umat manusia wajib mensyukuri pemberianNya dan jangan sekali menyesali pemberianNya. Ada sesetengah orang merasakan kehidupan mereka serba kekurangan sedangkan mereka tidak menyedari akan kelebihan yang diberi, mereka sering melihat kepada kekurangan dan tidak pada kelebihan yang ada. Pada mereka yang dah senang, masih lagi tidak mensyukuri apa yang diberi malah menegeluh akan keadaan yang sedia ada.

Yang pasti kehidupan ini hanyalah pinjaman, tiba masanya nanti kita akan pulang ke pangkuanNya juga.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The End of 1st Month of 2010

Well, it has been a month past through, and Feb is reaching the end of it's first week. A lot of sweet and sour things had happened in the past one month of 2010. I was loaded with financial obligations, bought my sister McBook, pay my car insurance and road tax, car repayment and much more but not as much as my husband is. At the end of Jan, I was admitted in a hospital for a lap & dye and endoscopy procedure that really hit me badly internally. I pray for Allah to give me the strongest ability to stand and face the decision and gift that He had for me. I believe whatever Allah gave me is the best for me. I am so lucky that I have my family behind me, my husband, eventhough seems not really understand how I feel and the pain I had but he is supportive. Spend a long hour journey on roads visisting me everyday after work at my Banting house. I have to stay in Banting that's the only place where I could receive a King's treatment by my parents. Everything they did for me from meal to clothes, and I couldn't get all that if I'm stay alone at home in Damansara. Thank you very much as big a the world size, as wide the ocean is to my parents and my sisters who being so understanding and supportive with my conditions and situations. My little daughter eventhough will never understand what I am facing, but she tried ttand that I am sick, hold my hand when I'm going to the toilet, get me things when I need it , but I can't give her what she wants, a babby brother. Sorry my dear . That was a moment ,I can't let my tears drops. Anyway, They are the best I have in my life... I love you all, whithout you I can't be as strong as I am now.

I just a part of not so sweet things happened to me, but I have lot of sweet things happened to me. Shakira is now with us, my husband got promotion but remain as he is and never change, I got my first most expensive watch that I dreamt of and many other sweet things. I think it's the balanced of the sour that I had. That's how fair is Allah's gifts to me. Alhamdulillah.