Saturday, March 6, 2010

2010 - New series of Life Begins

January 2010 was the begining of a new stage of my life. My little daughter now stay with us for the first time after 4 years stayed with my parents. It was a sad moment when I heard that my mom has actually plan for her kindergarten, but I hope they can accept the fact Shakira has to stay with us.
It was a challenge for us when we have to change our priority in life and work. Those days, work comes first but now Shakira comes first. 6.00am I have to wake up just to get prepare my daughter's meal to school. My daughter is a little bit fussy and choosy with the food she ate. She did not simply eat what people serve, she will only choose what she wants to eat. So I got to prepare her food before send her to school.
The other challenge is to please her to go to the class and the day care. Pitty her has to be away from home the whole day, not like her stay with Nenek and Atuk where she was the circle of attention at home. Now 6.00p.m sharp I will leave office regardless I got work or not coz I got to be at my daughter's daycare before 7.00p.m. Anyway, I have to pay extra for the extra hour late pick up. The first three weeks at the day care she refuse to sleep in her bed during nap time, and refuse to go the day care after class. she always cried when I came to pick her up as she was the last at the day care.
Now, crying before she enter her class is just a habit, but progressively adapt to the schooling environment . Hence, she adapt very well at the day care. She is now sleeping in her own bed at the day care and laugh and smiles welcoming me during the pick up time in the evening.
I believe the time will come where she will understand the cycle of life better and the demand of changes in life. Ya Allah guide her to pass through her life at the best of hers and protect her from everything that is not good and healthy for her.