Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Memorable Week

It has been quite sometimes I did not update my blog. 15 April 2010, ermm.. was a date that I will never forget. How could I forget the date I met my favorite singer, Anuar Zain. Thanks to friends who gave me an opportunity to watch his grand performance and met him personally. He is a polish and charming person. His warm personality will melt every heart just how he touches every heart when he sings. He really got the charisma as a professional singer.
I adore him since I was in a primary school when he started his boom album of Kain Pelekat with Elina. I got the scrap book which my mom has thrown away when she cleaned up house. It was like a dream come true when I met him personally as it was my dream when I was in a primary school.
Luckily I got a very understanding and sporting husband who allows me to go for any of his events. He let me went to Anuar's concert at IB which was the best concert I ever attended besides Celine Dion. It was awesome. I wish Anuar will have another concert at IB or Philharmonic. Pak Zain must be proud of him. He must be inherited the warm personilty from Pak Zain. Congrats to pak Zain. Congrates to Anuar who never disappoint his fans' expectation. He performs like an international singer.