Saturday, May 8, 2010

My littlegirl

It has been 4 months Shakira with us. It was a great experience seeing my daughter grown up. While updating my blog surprisingly she hummed Hafiz's song which I first time heard. She is now can sing Anuar Zain's song, I'm the lucky one when the cd turning on. She can also sing Kantoi even though she might not understand the meaning.
I feel so great when the teacher says she was a great girl at school in socializing, she's been so considerate with other friends and know how to make friends. I believed she learns a lot from the environment surroundings her.
Last sunday I brought her to a shelter home for orphans in Kanchong Darat. In that shelter home lives 16 orphans aged from 5 years oled to 10 years old. When she was there she was observing them reading books and playing together but without parents with them. She suddenly told me that she wants to go to school. Terharu sangat masa tu.
And then came Monday...macam biasa I sent her to school, surprisingly she did not cry....I believed the visit to the shelter home has given her some new lesson and experience. I will try to bring her to the place where she can learn from experience more frequent.
Today when I open her bag to check her homework, I found a purple teddy bear drawing says "I love you mummy & daddy so much, Happy parent's day"... I love you too Shakira.