Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Little Baby Now Turn to 5

My little baby now turn to 5. I feel like only yesterday she was born and today she is 5. How fast is the time goes by leaving us behind. How our future looks like? How will it be in another 5 years from now?She will be taller than mummy is for sure. I missed her maggi curls of her hair. The cheeky face when she asked for her "susu". I missed her first word of "chak apu".
Now her routine is to go to school everyday and daycare for the rest of her day. Back from daycare, take out her uniform and put it in washing machine. Before sleep she will recite "al-fatihah" and doa penerang hati. It's funny when heard her recite doa penerang hati every nite before sleep as that's doa she remember.. Anyway at least it's good for her , hopefully Allah makbulkan doanya dan jadilah dia budak yang cerdik.
I always pray that she will be anak yang soleh. Happy Birthday Sayang, mummy and daddy love you so much. Wish you will become " Anak yang Soleh", clever and success when you grow older and bigger.