Saturday, February 12, 2011

Annual Dinner: Good or Bad

Last night I attended the worst dinner ever in my life. A dinner where I could categorized the food as street food. Chicken wing, satay, some of korean food they called it but actually it were street food in Korea too as I can get on the roadside too here in Malaysia.

I think the committee has worked based on who they want to impress rather than the objective of annual dinner. The concept of Annual Dinner they created last night is more suitable for family day. Too many gimmicks that we can't really observe and get the objective. The slide for 10 to 20 years long service list is just like a slide done by a college student and just like "pepatah Melayu" , Melepas batuk di tangga. The food was horrible, as I said we can get it at the Pasar Malam.

I feel the committee was double standard, as for staff we have to queue and combat for the food while the VIP's was served. I thought the Annual Dinner is an appreciation night for all staffs regardless who they are in the company, and they are the same and equal at that night. Why should they arranged as such, normal staff queue at buffet line and VIP seated and served?. If the committee think of the objective the annual dinner is for everybody in the company, the arranegement should be all the same, if the VIP tables are served , all staffs should be served as well. Why must they created double standard arrangement?. The VIP were seated comfortably under the roof and dry and let normal staffs seated uncovered , wet and uncomfortable under the sky. Isn't it double standard.

For me Annual Dinner is a night where you want to recognize all staffs, to celebrate their courage and loyalty working with the company by giving the same standard of service at all levels. If that's the objective, you will get good food, a more comfortable place for everybody to enjoy their food, appreciation, relaxation while enjoying entertainment. The dinner should be something different and special for staffs to remember. The experience that staff will never get when they are at their normal life such as fine dining, being pamper with the service from the waitress.

I've attended other bigger corporate Annual Dinner. What I observed, Annual Dinner for this corporate agency, is that , Annual Dinner is the night that they celebrates their staff, appreciate their staff and the event concentrate on activities that would appreciate their staffs. More organize and memorable arrangement on awards for long service staffs. the most comfortable possible place for all staffs. Good food and entertainment for their staffs. They will let all staffs relaxed, being served and enjoyed the entertainment in the most comfortable and relax environment. They make sure that all staff are served well at all levels, from the top management and as low as general workers level. In this kind of environment, staffs will feel more appreciated.

I hope they will learn and changed the culture, where normal staff did not deserve first class service. Annual Dinner is the right place to educate normal staff to enjoy first class service as well as the top management.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Obsess on Food Photos

It's been so long I didn't update my blog. Since I obsessed uploading food photos on Facebook. Since I got an Anniversary present from my beloved hubby (S90) I got a new routine, uploding food photos. Thanks Sayang....

Now I just discover new interest that give personal satisfaction. It's all from my own point of view. I wouldn't care less what would people say about my photo techniques and whatsoever, the most important thing I love what I captured in my S90 lense. The S90 is really fun and it's good for the beginner like me. It give me basic of dslr camera...and one day I will get one for myself...kita tunggu....