Tuesday, April 5, 2011

life is full of colour

March was my busiest month attending trainings. After one training to another. Thanks to my management for sending me for trainings. It was fun and ultimately benefited me so much. I was wondering why I was selected?...just positively thinking..because I am special, amongst hundreds of staff they send me for training. It is not only expected me to give return in term of service but also can be used for my personal career development. For some people who might take revenge to the management will can easily left the company and build their own career development but for me, I am not ready. Only time will determine it.
The month of March also plays a significant role to all staffs at my workplace, yes they were given a bonus. Well some of them were so damn happy, some were so..so, and some were very unhappy.
One of my colleague was complaining she got B minus as she expected to get B at least. But deep in my heart I was wondering what have she contributed to the company infect at least to your boss that has make her complaining of what she got. Basically when you measure your own KPI you are actually has to look for your nearest KPI, that is to satisfy your immediate superior, If it can not be fulfilled, you are basically has failed. Unless and except the job requires your full skill, then you will questioned back to your management why you did not deserve of what you expect when the project was successfully completed or when your effort has droved your company to success.
Basically, you have to look back into yourself before you questioned why the management judged or rated you in your performance. Asked back to yourself, did I fulfill the discipline requires by my superior, have I completed the task without complains, did I ever play truant in my daily working hour. Remember the practice of sleeping in surau without substantial reason is consider misbehave in working ethic, practice of simply asking m.c to get free leave also consider behaving against the work ethic.
Well most of working people are adults and they work with different and their own agenda. The basic rules of working must be based on Islamic rules and sincerity. If you use the basic of Islamic rules as the cover of your agenda and taking other people's rights to climb up the career ladder, you may be success but you will never be happy insight and hardly favored by others. Others may act nice to you but at the back they are saying something about you. The option is in your hand , is either to work for your satisfaction by equally balance your responsibility and considering other people's right or work for your self satisfaction and climbing up the career ladder by leaving the community morale, it's all to you. You are the one who choose it.