Friday, July 1, 2011

Something to Share

It is a continuation of my preview post. I think this is very useful. Redha and twakkal are two magic words.

I want to share one of my real story when I was in Mecca. Before I went to Mecca, a friend of mine has reminded me not to have a little bit of thought our things will go missing as it will become true and true enough, I experienced it. when I went to Jabal Rahmah, I was delighted with the ice-cream that sold in a small caravan, while taking out money from my kangaroo pouch, I was circled by beggars asking for money. I was not listening to my husband of not bringing too many cash in hand. When I looked for my small cash, coincidently my 1 note of 500 riyal, 2 notes of 100 Riyal, and other small notes pop out from my little pouch. in a second my heart said that I will lost my money and immediately my fingers pushing all notes back into the pouch. After paid for the ice-cream I ran up to the bus and my heart said " I'd better checked my money". Once I sat on the double seater, I immediately unzipped my kangaroo pouch to check whether my small purple pouch is still there. "Subhanallah", it's true , if we have thought of something it will happened, I lost my purple pouch that contains more than 700 riyals. But I remembered what my father told, anything happened we must "redha". So I "redha" on what had happened to me and I just feel nothing happened. If I am lost that much in Malaysia surely I have cried. But I tol my husband I only lost about 600Riyal...sebab takut dia marah because I didn't listen to him before we went for ziarah....Then I also remembered what my friend told me never have a bad thought even as small as zarah and what mak advised me to always tawakkal to Allah.

Well that's the power of tawakkal and redha when you are in Tanah Suci Mekah dan madinah.