Sunday, September 30, 2012


I always dream to have a medium size home that I can decorate as what I want. I always dream to have  home where there are few sections that can be used as family room, working room and guest room as well as prayer room. I always wish to have a proper store room with an organizer for easy trace. I wish I could have a rack in my working room so that I could organize my filing.

I missed to be creative as I were kid especially in decorating my room. I still remember when I used my baby bed that I turned it into a pillow storage as well as bench where I could sit on it. I remember that I used to transformed my room every 2 months just to have new ambiance of my room. I couldn't care about my sister's like as long as I like with the changes I made eventhough we were sharing the room.

Current? Is not that I am not happy with the home, it just too messy, small and crowded. A situation where you can't breath smoothly. I just can't have "ketenangan" that I expect when I get home. I get more stress with the mess I saw everyday. I'd rather stay outside.....I could get more "ketenangan" on the road by driving actually. That's why I am so happy with my current job as I could get my driving teraphy while driving to work.

By having my dream home I didn't say that I could get 100% happiness but at least there are some section that could give me some ketenangan. I used to live in an in order home, but now when I am not, I am redha, but praying so hard to be blessed been given a high level of patiens. and I feel so bersyukur because Allah gave me a lovely husband and daughter who has been very supportive. and because of them I am still here in my happy home. It is not their fault it just fate.

Sesungguhnya aku redha dengan pemberianMu tapi aku takut keredhaan ini akan menghilangkan keikhlasan di hati ini yang kemudiannya menjauhkan keberkatan yang Engkau berikan. Ya Allah tunjukkan aku jalan untuk aku mencapai impianku demi mengejar keberkatanMu ya Allah.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

sarawak tea time

today we had tea ...with sarawak concept where everything we had were originated from sarawak even though we are at damansara perdana. laksa sarawak, mee kolok sarawak, kopi sarawak and sarawak cham. those drinks were awesome.....

Saturday, May 5, 2012


In life we're facing changes in life and I'm facing a bigger changes in life. After 8 years working in the same company, now I think I should make changes in life for goods. Maybe some people thought that changes might the right step I've made but for me if I didn't do now I will never do will remain the same. It was a hard decision to make in the first place, but once I've decided then I feel so relief and redha with the decision I've made. Now I'm preparing and equipping  myself for the new changes. Thanks to doctor Reyhana who had me realize that I required some changes in my life inorder to make me happy and in the same time may balance the family needs. I pray to Allah to bless my decision. Looking forward to a new challenges in work with a new working environment.

Friday, March 9, 2012

2012, the not so good begining year for me

Lama rasanya tak update blog. Kesibukan harian buat saya tak punya masa untuk melayan blog yang lama tidak di buka.
Well, 2012 started with a very new experience to me. my daughter started standard 1 since last January and it became one of the biggest challenge for me and my hubby too. It's a bit stressfull daily routine when we have to wake up very early as early as 5.50a.m , prepared my daughter's lunch box, get her ready to school until sending her to school. The challenge of sending her to school was to leave her, when she refused to let go my hand until she met the teacher. After 2 months in school, now I know the trick already, just find any teacher in the school and leaved her with the teacher.
Another not so good begining for the year 2012 when I feel that I've been bullying by others who has more advantage on me at my work. I feel like to start domething this year.But I'm not sure what.