Friday, March 9, 2012

2012, the not so good begining year for me

Lama rasanya tak update blog. Kesibukan harian buat saya tak punya masa untuk melayan blog yang lama tidak di buka.
Well, 2012 started with a very new experience to me. my daughter started standard 1 since last January and it became one of the biggest challenge for me and my hubby too. It's a bit stressfull daily routine when we have to wake up very early as early as 5.50a.m , prepared my daughter's lunch box, get her ready to school until sending her to school. The challenge of sending her to school was to leave her, when she refused to let go my hand until she met the teacher. After 2 months in school, now I know the trick already, just find any teacher in the school and leaved her with the teacher.
Another not so good begining for the year 2012 when I feel that I've been bullying by others who has more advantage on me at my work. I feel like to start domething this year.But I'm not sure what.