Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Another Day....

Life is colourful and today is another day...another day without my husband around and me with my daughter going through the day for just two of us. we begin the day with a morning greetings to each other, screaming of going for shower, get dress, a little bit of watching tv and off we go to school for my daughter and work for myself.
Life is normal and nothing challenging at work. Just a bit sour, salty , sweet of an average office routine. Nothing to be impressed with my work, nothing to talk about of work challenge, just twist of human attitude towards work and responsibility.
I wish we will be together again soon, I missed the naughty ticklish little finger tickling me before sleep, missed the kiss before go to work and miss the hug when I need it.
"Ya Allah permudahkan kami untuk bersama semula, beri kami kekuatan untuk menghadapi ujian Mu dan kau berkatilah segala perbuatan kami". Ameen.