Friday, May 30, 2014

Coklat Oh Coklat

Baru baru ni Malaysia dikejutkan isu coklat Cadbury dicemari DNA babi. Well, for me it was negligence by the manufacturer and authorities and to be blamed was the manufacturer in particular. The manufacturer seems insensitive about the HALAL issue to Muslims. I believed they are aware but just being ignorance as long as they could make good money. While in the other hand the authorities has less integration amongst the respective Jabatan. For example how can MOH which did the lab research or lab test on the chocolate aware on the existence of the non HALAL ingredients while on the other hand, JAKIM who responsible on the issuance of HALAL certification  said otherwise. It was really confusing. Does the HALAL certification issued before the lab test was done or was it due to undeclared ingredient on reproduction of certified HALAL product?. The question is how does the monitoring and inspection was done over the certified HALAL product upon reproduction?. I believed the respective jabatans should have a clear guidelines and processes to monitor the HALAL certification , for example periodic inspection at the factory by the respective jabatans e.g MOH and JAKIM. The application of ISO practice may resolve the issue as by practicing ISO everyone involve with the issuance of the certification are required to follow the integrated processes.

Another issue that catched my attention was where some people who claimed they are religious were insensitive about how to keep good image of a real Muslims when they throw their opinion like they have never read books or never learn from the religious teacher.  They thought others have no brain to think or they just want to show how shallow are their knowledge about Islam. I wish to call upon all our Muslims brothers and sisters to think before you say something. it may your personal opinion but it may reflects and affects to the whole community.

Islam is a beautiful way of  life, full of positive action, energy and spirits. But human with all negativities has destroyed the beauty of Islam.

Did you realize how chocolate has brought different perspective of Muslims to the eyes of the world?

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Perdana View Condo Unit for Sale


I am selling my unit at Perdana View Condo. Currently the unit is occupy by a middle eastern tenant. I managed to rent the unit at RM2000 per month since 2010. It is a good investment who wish to buy it for investment and a nice unit for family to resides.
It is near to Jaya Grocer of Damansara Perdana and less than5 mins to Empire Damansara Perdana and Ikano as well as The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.
If you interested , please call me at 019-2199363

Monday, May 5, 2014

Visit to Saigon

1st of May 2014, is the beginning of new a journey. I am visiting my husband as well as to send my daughter for an interview at a new school. It started at the airport where just two of us who in this trip. Just me and Shakira. We do not travel oversea without Daddy before, but now its a time for us to be independent. As completed check-in we waited at the lounged before boarding. Just 5 minutes delay from the schedule we were boarded. Normally the three seats were occupied by us but not this time. As usual we always booked seats near to the window and as usual Shakira will seated besides the window. I seated at the center and besides me was Mat Auw Auw. I believed he was travelling with his group.
In flight we were served with dinner and the first time Shakira had a spaghetti and surprisingly she liked it so much. Knowing Shakira she is a selective kids especially on food. For me, having spaghetti in flight was a good development for her as she now can adapt to changes slowly. In this flight also she started to learn using toilet in flight herself. A good real life education for her.
Arriving at the Tan Son Nath International Airport, first I did was went to the toilet, then bought a taxi coupon and get local sim card number. My husband was waiting at the normal café at the airport just beside the waiting area. Easier to get coupon taxi prior exit of the arrival as I did not need to pay toll upon exiting the airport. It was the best moment when we saw my husband or daddy after months away from him. We took the taxi straight to his condo unit at Imperia Ann Phu, district 2. It took about an hour from the airport to Imperia. Imperia is a new development of condo units in District 2. As we arrived there, Daddy was introducing us the unit to us by showing us to every part of the condo unit. After a short rest after the short tor by Daddy, we had dinner at one of the café down stair.
The next day, or 2nd day, my husband (Daddy) went to work, I started do some cleaning as I believed the mop has never touched the floor ever since my husband checked in the house. Well, what to do,, my husband is not use to do house cleaning. Daddy came back later than he expected to be home, but it was ok for us as after all we have had activities to fulfill our days. We went for hair wash, and some groceries . Later in the evening, we had some tour at the swimming pool and playground area. We also dropped by at the Korean Groceries Shop which also carries some Asean brand such as Indomie and other seafood products from Pangkor. When Daddy came back from work he thought of bring us to somewhere in town, but I knew he was tired and offer him to cook. But he suggested dinner delivery. We did ordered from Pasha home delivery service. Pasha is offering HALAL Middle East food. We ordered Chicken and Beef sandwich as well as bruschetta. It was good food and tasted good too. It can be our regular dinner or lunch when we are here later.
 The 3rd day was a more relaxed day, as my husband was on off day. We planned to go out for shopping. We took a taxi to the town for late lunch. We arrived at the tourist spot near to the mosque. we went straight to the Nyonya restaurant and we had saw many Malaysian were there having lunch . We seated in the middle a restaurant, and besides us was Indian family which I believed they were from Malaysia too. True enough, the head of the family said hi to my husband while both ere paying at the cashier. My husband told me that he is the Maybank manager here in Ho Chi Minh. He knew him when he wanted to open Maybank account here in Ho Chi Minh. My husband then brought me to shopping mall that selling most of what were selling in Ben Tanh market. While shopped there, my daughter fell asleep at the bench provided at the mall. We were not be able to went to Ben Tanh market as we reached there , the market was closing. While walking in the market to get a taxi, we met the old lady we used to buy cotton from her. She remembered us and asked us to buy from her. I promised to come again in the next day. I feel that the evening ran so fast. the moment we reached to Vincom Centre, it was already dark. We went there to take a taxi back to our condo in Ann Phu. I just notice that every time we took a taxi going to and back from the town, the taxi driver will never the same route. It was always in different route with different charges. And found that some of the driver taxi were also not sure how to get to our condo as most of the time my husband has to show them the way to our condo.
The Forth day, started with a more relaxed activities. My husband and my daughter went for swimming while I trying to go to the salon again. However, the salon was packed with customers. So I decided to watch my husband and my daughter swimming. We spent half a day at the swimming pool. After the swimming pool, we went out again to town. This time straight to Ben Tanh Market. First, I dropped by at my old lady friend shop, buying cottons for my pre sale activity. We then walked down to few boutiques selling kurung. We stopped a while at the café to have some drinks while continue our shopping mission. This time my husband took us to the IT centre as he wanted to buy a mini notebook for me. Mission accomplished after he had bought a mini note book for me to replace my current iconia.Yes, I got a present from my husband during my visit to Saigon.
The Fifth day, was the day that the whole trip is all about. The interview session. We were taken there with my husband's company car. The driver looks friendly and helpful. We finally arrived at Australian International School an hour early than the appointment time. We were welcomed by Ms Myco Tran, a well dressed and friendly lady who attended to my queries and arranged the appointment. She was so pleasant and we were offered with some drinks while Shakira had an interview session with Ms Julie, one of the teacher who did assessment for my daughter. After Shakira had finished her interview, Ms Myco Tran brought us for a short tour at the school. We then went back home and my husband went straight to work. Today would be the last day here in Saigon before we go back early morning tomorrow. So I did one more thorough cleaning at my husband's condo before we leave tomorrow. Hope everything remain the same when we come back again in July.