Monday, June 9, 2014

Saigon Vs Selangor

It is sound like football game but it is not. It may sound biased but it is about reality. I've been staying in Petaling Jaya for about more than 9 years and Petaling Jaya is one of the district in Selangor while Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) is a part of Vietnam. It is not about comparison but  it just my point of view being in 2 cities.
Petaling Jaya has been developed since 1990's and still growing rapidly with a lot more development of residential as well as business commercial area. It has become the 2nd business commercial attraction after Kuala Lumpur. Petaling Jaya has developed earlier than Cyberjaya but yet Cyberjaya has been the focus of the government to become the Malaysia's silicon valley. However, Petaling Jaya has more attraction to become more successful than Cyberjaya when the government change its MSC status policy. I am proud to see it's growth yet a bit disappointing with the authorities and the community itself.
They didn't seems proud to be a part of Petaling Jaya development. Why I said that is because I observed that many facilities are not been taken care off, rubbish all over the places even at the commercial or business spots like Mutiara Damansara and Damansara Perdana. The business owner did really what's in front of their shop. Even if there is pile of rubbish in front of their shop, they did not really bother to clean them up.
 Every Saturday morning, when I'm sending my daughter to her Kumon class, I used to see rat carcass on the road and the crow were happily eating the carcass and pieces of its flesh were spread all over places. Wasn't it disgusting to you? For me it was so disgusting. Day time its hard for me to see the cleaner staff cleaning the road side or even the pavement of the shop lots. What I observed are rubbish left in front of the shop, roadside as well as the pavement at the commercial area. It is hardly to see a man or a women in a uniform sweeping the road or pavement. Once a while I saw the landscape man do his job and leave behind leaves and whatever he cut from the tree.
Vietnam is growing, developing and well known as a poor country by many Malaysian. Here in Saigon, people live in a very simple and basic life. I like that actually.  The business and traffic jammed maybe worst than Petaling Jaya, but I'm impressed with the business owner who keep clean their premises all the time and you can see the cleaner, I believed the cleaner appointed by the authorities, keep clean the road side and the area most of the time non stop. Even the small business operator like hawkers will ensure the place surrounding their business area are always clean. It may not very clean but when you observed you can see what I mean. But one thing that many Malaysian not comfortable with, may the urine smell. This is because that they still have many undeveloped place and bushes as well as very less public toilet found here in Saigon. That's may one of the reason they urinated wherever whenever they feel required ..he..he..
Well for me its all about attitude. I believed most people in Petaling Jaya are now high standard, and thought they should not do cleaning and care about cleanliness as they thought only low standard or poor people are supposed to do the cleaning. While here in Saigon, they thought they are all the same and cleaning is everybody's responsibility. To keep their place clean is a part of their duty to upgrade and to show people they are developing.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

We Are In Saigon Again

Here we are again in Saigon. This is the third time we came to Saigon for this year. I never expect that Saigon will be our second home now. But I am happy as it will give new environment and new dimension of life to me.
This time our flight was in the morning of Saturday. Actually it was a Public Holiday in celebration of our king's birthday. Since it was a public holiday, I expected many people will go for a holiday and the check in counter would be crowded with people. I decided to check in early to avoid long queue. My sister Suria and my mother sent us to KLIA. However, when we reached KLIA, the queue was short and smooth.
After checked in we walked around at the bookstore and then had drinks at our normal café prior boarding. It was a little bit too early for us, but it's okay as we could seat , relax and reading while waiting for boarding. After 15 minutes, we had drinks at the café I proceeded to the immigration counter and we went straight to gate H10. It was quite a distance and was the last gate in a row. We were waited there for about one and half hour before the gate was open at about 1.45p.m.
While waiting for the gate to be opened, I saw a group of old ladies with range of ages between 50's to 60's who went for ravel and shopping I believed. And I suspected they were all from Penang. From the conversation I heard they are a group of ladies who used to travel. One of them even suggested the group to go to Khatmandu for a holiday and heard that she had traveled to many places like Cape town, Wellington, Beijing and few others places that quite familiar as tourist spots. I was impressed on how they can explained in details for each places they've been to.
When the crew announced that the door was open for boarding, we were amongst the earliest who boarded first as we were travelers with kids. Like any other trip, I always choose to be seated at the center of the aircraft near to the  emergency door and the plane's wing. And it always besides the window. After seated, Shakira will always started searched for her favorite movie or cartoon from the small screen of the head rest of the front seat. This time she choose the Toy Story. As an adult , I will definitely  choose the lasts movie. Seconds after we started our movie the cabin crew came to confirmed that we had ordered special kid's meal for Shakira. This time the kid's meal was not as what we expected as they only served sandwiches for both kids and adults. it was maybe tea time as the flight was in the afternoon. Pity Shakira as she expected for a spaghetti like our previous flight to Saigon. Nevertheless, she ate the biscuits and chocolate provided in the box. After about 1hr 45 mins we landed at HCMC international airport. We went through the immigration counter and straight away to the café we used to wait for daddy.
Less in 10mins Shakira was waving to somebody and screamed daddy, we are daddy and the driver is here. Alhamdulillah we didn't wait for too long. Straight away to the car and went  to our condo , Emperia Anh Phu in district 2.