Monday, August 4, 2014

Daily Life here in Imperia An Phu

Today is our 4th day here in Imperia An Phu. Imeperia An Phu is where we reside. Imperia is the name of our condo and An Phu is the district. We start our day very early as Fajr started at 4.32 a.m. However, offices starts at the same normal hour in Malaysia which is around 8.00a.m or 8.30 a.m, while business like shopping mall, groceries shop and salon will starts business at about. 9.30 a.m or 10.00 a.m.

As you see above a lot of motorcycles on the road , if we are in KL it will surely jammed with cars. It was informed that there are 32 million of motorcycles on the road daily in Vietnam. You can always get this information when you take a taxi and if the driver is friendly enough to talk with you.

At our condo, the company's car, taxi and buses are busy picking up their passenger as early as 6.45 a.m. Majority of working people at our condo will be picked up by their company's car to their work. The kids will take a school bus to their school. The nearest International school to our condo is Australian International School.

We are lucky as Parkson is just a walking distance from our condo. Besides groceries shop, we could find some fresh fish and vegetables from Parkson. Last time I did buy some fresh cut cat fish and cut snapper. Price for seafood is quite cheap  as compare to KL. However, we have difficulties to find HALAL chicken, beef and lamb. It was on our second day, we did some shopping at Parkson in District One where we found rib eye cut beef that cost us 224,000.00 vnd (around RM33) for a 400gm meat. Another shopping spot for fresh food is METRO but I yet to go there. My husband told me that it is more like TESCO when they just opened in Shah Alam that shoppers are buying in a large volume.

Ho Chi Minh is a busy city however it is a leisure city. Not much competition in life and relaxed.

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