Wednesday, January 14, 2015

K-Pop Controvesial Concert

I am not a K-Pop fans but I was attracted to response on the controversial that happened on their concert. I didn't realize that there are many of Malay (mostly Muslims) K-pop fans as I thought most of the time that their fans are Chinese or non-Muslims. First I wish to bring the fact that :
1. Most of  Korean they don't understand other culture and other religion especially the Islamic culture
2. The singer was invited to perform and at his best he wants to satisfy their fans' wants. He will do whatever possible to satisfy their fans wants and dream. to be close possible to the fans as that what the fan expected when they watch a concert of their idol singer, they want to be closed to the singer as it will be memoir for their lifetime.
3. The organizer is just organizing the event and will not responsible to the singer's performance and also "adab" by the fan or spectators. Who are they to control over individual's "adab"
4. The spectators came to the concert to have fun, to see her favorite singer perform and as possible to get close to their favorite singer.
5. As a  Muslim we are discourage to seek entertainment  especially when without mahram for girls /ladies. But again weak Muslim will choose to go for the sake of entertainment as long as it does not get us "alpa".

Therefore, I believed those Malay ladies in hijab (which I believed they are all Muslims) went there for the sake of entertainment, however they were "alpa" as they were too excited. At the stage of too excited people tend to loosetheir mind  control over their action. They were too excited when they managed to get closed to their idol / favorite singer and because of they were too weak and not perfect they have loose control over their mind and act beyond the boundaries of Islamic practices. We can't blame them as a human we are all imperfect and always weak in all aspects but it was not an excuse for us  to use our brain to make a choice. They have choice of not allowing the singer to touch them but because they did not use their brain to control their action, therefore they have gone beyond the boundaries of Islamic practice. However, there are no specific punishment over the "alpa" people like them. The only purest judgment over their action is only Allah. There are no such punishment mentioned in the Quran over the "Alpa" or "Lalai" people. The best that we can do is to give advice and give guidance on "adab" when seek for entertainment. The most that I don't understand about the authority action is why there is a double standard of judging people's action. How do they justify their judgment over action that purposely did for the sake of entertainment which is against the Islamic practice and under the controlled mind, not in the condition of "ALPA" or "LALAI" but it may drive people to become "ALPA" and "LALAI"?. And wondering why the authority has to blame the other unit / people who were not responsible to control over others?. If the authority thinks that what has been organized is not good for the people , why don't they stop it or develop a rules to avoid the things to recurrence?

A part of all had happened I wonder what the non-Muslims will think about Islam. Don't you think it will give a bad impression on Islam ?