Sunday, May 22, 2016

New Journey

May 2016 - I am now ready to pursue my Master Degree in Management. I have registered with Open University Malaysia to do the course. I'm a bit nervous as the course is full online. I never experience of learning out of class and far from lecturer or tutor but I think it's a new challenge for me to study alone at home with assistance of gadgets. 

As an encouragement my husband bought a new macbook pro for me. It's really boost my spirit to pursue my dream now. It's quite interesting after many years never attend lectures and now I start the routine as a student. Now I feel better and fair for all of us. I said it's fair because now I have things to do that can benefits me even though I just staying at home the whole day every day. My husband go to work everyday to earn money for us, my daughter go to school to learn and gain knowledge and go online study to gain knowledge . Now our time are fulfilled with benefitted activities.

Thanks Allah for all His plan for us.